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How many advils kill u
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Best Answer: that much can tear up your stomach and digestive tract . .giving you ulcerations and causing damage to vital organs . if you are bleeding .

How many Advils will it take to kill me? ChaCha Answer: If you take Advil and overdose on the How many advils kill u medication, you will cause severe damag.

FunAdvice My friend tried to overdose on advil, is that possible? has 4 answers. Ask any Health questions you have and get fast answers.

Best Answer: suicide attempt probably nothing advil isn't the best thing to try and kill yourself with. get something stronger.

i can't sleep. . i need to sleep .. i'm thinking on taking some advil pm.. i already took 2 last night but it didn't work.. if i take 4 do u think i'll be able to .

How many advils does it take to kill a human? ChaCha Answer: Everyone has different tolerance and it depends on size and weight. Thanks!

How many ibuprofen tablets is it safe to take in one go? It completely depends on the strength of the tablets. It's safe for adults to take two 200mg tablets in one .

Best Answer: How many did you take? An overdose of Advil can cause damage to your stomach or intestines. The maximum amount of Advil for adults is 800 milligrams per .

one of the most painful ways to die is by overdosing on tylenol or aspirin . PLEASE do not kill yourself!! i know how depression can be, because i have it, and i .

Can I fix a loose filling with superglue (or something else)? i have a loose wobbly filling and can't get to a dentist immediately - can i fix it back with superglue .

I get migraines up to 12 times a month does anyone have help? I have suffered for over 35 years I have been to Dr.'s tried all kinds of preventive meds and meds .

A LOT! And I'm not sure if you're asking this because you're feeling a bit suicidal. How many advils kill u but if that's the case, I suggest you seek help. Even if you did ingest a lethal .

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